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New Runyankore Hymns App

Good news for those who attend Runyankore COU services and also those who are wanting to learn Christian terms in Runyakore. There is now an Android app for the Runyankore Hymn Book. Do note this is just the words, not the music, but is a great resource anyway!

Get it here:


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Another reason to learn the local language

This news article ( ) made me laugh but is also another good reason to learn the local language.

A tour guide at a Tanzanian game park has been arrested after falsely translating a tourist’s comments about the country and its people.

In excerpts of the video published by a Kenyan newspaper, the tourist says:

“Hi. My visit to Tanzania has been beautiful, gorgeous. The people are fabulously wonderful and friendly. Greetings are always jambo [the Swahili equivalent of Hello]. Happy to be here. The land is beautiful, beautiful. The animals are wonderful.”

The guide translates this as:

“You Tanzanians complain/cry a lot about hunger. Everyday you cry about hunger when you have flowers at home. Why don’t you boil the flowers and drink [them]. It is not good to cry/complain about hunger.”


“The variety of animals and people you see is incredible, unlike anywhere else. It is just fabulous.”


“You are asking your president to cook for you. Do you think your president is a cook? Can you get busy, even boil your clothing and eat.”


“It will be an experience to savour for all of your life. It is fantastic and beautiful and incredible and just unremarkable.


“Get busy in every corner of the country. The president can’t leave State House to cook for you. You have to cook for yourselves.

Not sure I think arresting the guy is the best answer, it must be very tempting thing to do as a translator! However although most people won’t be as extreme as this guy, as I have picked more language I have realised that sometimes people are translating differently from what I am trying to say and working in a hospital this can cause problems. Once I caught my translator saying “Can she stand?” instead of “Can she sit?”. It makes a difference. Certainly motivation to keep learning and not need a translator at all!

Here is the video (although if you don’t understand Swahili you will be as clueless as the tourist!).

Posted by: zdy1 | December 26, 2015

The advantages of a bilingual brain

Knowing learning another language is also helping your brain is another good motivation 🙂

The BBC used Christmas day to post a short video about the advantages of a bilingual brain.

Here is the link:


If you are interested in more then TED has also produced a short video on the same topic:

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Runyankore Audio Bible – now with App!

We have new people on the team and in preparing some resources for them I realised that some of my old links were out of date. One of them was for the online audio bible provided by “Faith comes by Hearing”. I have found the up-to-date website but also discovered that they have a downloadable app, so I can both read and listen to the new testament in Runyankore on my phone. Very exciting!

Here are the links:

Downloadable app:

Audio New Testament online:

016 (Medium)

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Karaoke Runyankore Praise and Worship

In my last post I mentioned Joshua Ayebare and his site Yesu Asiimwe. One of the things that he seems to be producing are music videos for Praise and Worship songs in Runyankore/Rukiga. The brilliant thing for language learners like me is that he has done them Karaoke style with also an English translation! Check this one out as an example. (and I’m sure I’ll post more later)

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Yesu Asiimwe

I’ve been away for a while but in the meantime people have been adding more resources onto the internet and I’m re-inspired by finding some of them!

One person who has seemed to have done an amazing amount is a guy called Joshua Ayebare. I don’t know anything about him or his background but he has posted a number of music videos which I’ll talk about in subsequent posts and  also has a facebook page “Yesu Asiimwe“. On this he regularly posts bible verses in both Runyankore and English, so it is very worth liking his page.

screen shot yesu asiimwe

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The English just have to be different…

This made me chuckle… Its enanasi in Runyankore:

words for pineapple

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Happy Christmas/ Shemererwa Amazaarwa!

Posted by: zdy1 | October 22, 2013

Eri izooba

This was my first “comprehensive corpus” recording I made, now with pictures to make it easier for other new learners. I like listening to it because I can now understand it all which encourages me that I have moved somewhere in my learning!


Posted by: zdy1 | September 28, 2013

Audio Runyankore

My team this month have an activity to increase our listening of Runyankore…  so this post is just listing some places online to get that input (although HERE is a post on improving listening skills that I have linked to before!)

  1. Audio new testament online
  2. Radio West (100.2 FM)
  3. Jesus Film
  4. Akayo Singers
  5. Runyankole Folk Songs
  6. Uganda Positive Living Campaign – Radio Drama Episodes
  7. Global Recordings Network – audio Bible stories

You can also find lots more audio inpt by clicking on the “audio” category on the right of this blog or clicking HERE.

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