Posted by: zdy1 | June 4, 2013


I’m currently back in my home country for a few months and my intention has been to use the time to concentrate on my pronunciation. I’ve always been aware of the importance of this but the desire to communicate more has generally overtaken the desire to sound better. I fortunately got a good extra push to motivate me on this when I asked a colleague what he thought I’d learnt over the last couple of years. There were several encouragements but when it came to language he said “is able to communicate with people but still sounds British”.

So armed with recordings I’ve made over the last few years, I’m trying to put away my vocabulary learning and listen more.

Several of the language learning bloggers have some great posts on the importance of pronunciation. Some of the hints and tips I won’t be able to use until I am back with a language helper but there is enough to keep me busy as long as I stay motivated!

The Mezzofanti Guild “Get your foreign language pronunciation right from the start”

Tower of Babel Fish “How to learn pronunciation in a foreign language

Foreign Language Coach “Reading aloud and pronunciation

and my favourite

Everyday Language Learner “Stumbling out of bad pronunciation



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